Ways To Give


To me Cottage Enrichment has never been a job, it has always been my joy, my love, my life vision. I am grateful everyday. My heart is full of love for all of my students, present and past, and their families. Some people ask me what makes my school different from all of the other schools out there, and I say, "2 + 2 is going to equal 4 wherever you go, but who you are becoming whilst you are learning 2 + 2 = 4 is the real lesson! There are many different ways to teach 2 + 2 but the answer is always going to be the same. Don't get me wrong, I happen to love Math and I teach it really well! However, if a student isn't learning how to become a loving human at the same time, what's the point? "Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." Aristotle. I care about whom these children are becoming whilst they are learning that the answer is 4. Are they learning to be Peacemakers or competitive at all costs? Are they choosing kindness and empathy? Are they able to see a worldview and themselves in it? Are they inspired and thus inspiring? Are they standing up in their full loving potential? My job is to be 100% present and loving with each and every child as I create space for them to be 100% present and loving with themselves and all those around them. Peace begins inside our own hearts, learning is just a remembering, and creation is as easy as breathing in and out. That is my focus, that is what makes my school different."

As we all know, no school can survive on tuition alone. As well, renting the property has had its own obstacles. It is a hope that we can someday buy the school property or something better suited in an effort to expand and fully realize the creative potential waiting to be actualized. I would like for our school to be entirely green and sustainable. It would be grand to expand our organic garden so that the children can experience being fully nurtured by that of which they grow.

I am looking forward to being able to provide larger scholarships to families and in the not-so-distant future, expand into a grade school. It is my intention to come up with a formula so that all children can afford to go to the school of their dreams.

Thank you, everyone! I am genuinely grateful for the generous donations and the loving support of all those around us who see the beauty and value in our ideals and educational methodology. Your contributions feed our school. I am very grateful for the support of our current and alumni families, our loving community, and our generous donors. With sound roots, we have become the "What if" school!

-Sadye Faye Henson
Founder/Teacher Cottage Enrichment

Your donations are greatly appreciated. To make a donation, contact us at 323 630-4179 or send an e-mail to cottageenrichmentpeaceacademy@gmail.com. You may checks payable to "Cottage Enrichment" and mail to 2208 Avon Street, Echo Park, CA 90026. Thank you!


"Cottage Enrichment has been for our family a warm and loving safe haven for our daughter with introductions to new and exciting experiences in a magical setting unlike any other preschool I have visited in the Los Angeles area."
-G. Wernicki, Silverlake, CA