Horses at Sagebrook Farms

Sagebrook Farms

There just aren’t enough words I can say to express the gratitude and love I have for Julie Sloane, her magnificent horses and her instructors. Julie takes great pride in matching the right horse and teacher with each student.

Horses and Cottage Enrichment were an essential match since we opened in 2005. Because of the age of our children, this endeavor started out as a Horse Awareness Class. The children learned the gift of being in the presence of horses. They learned how to groom a horse. They learned how to feed a horse, clean his stall and turn the horse out, as well as other essential basics. They forged friendships!

As Cottage Enrichment grew, the desire to ride became apparent. Luckily, we found Julie Sloane! Julie took a chance on us and accepted out Kindi kids into her Sagebrook Farms riding program! I am grateful!

Our Kindi kids have the opportunity to ride at Sagebrook Farms every week. Julie also has a wonderful summer camp program that you may be a part of even if you are not a part of Cottage Enrichment.

The lessons of love are endless in the presence of horses. These majestic beasts heal Veterans, children with Autism, and recovering humans from all walks of life. Horses are a best friend, an Angelic being to be honored. It is with the greatest of reverence and gratitude that the children are taught the relationship possible with their horse.

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